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[2024.01.15] Belgium signed the Artemis Accords.

[2023.11.01] ORBITS Act was passed in the U.S. Senate to mitigate space debris.

[2023.06.13] Cabinet launched "Space Security Initiative."

[2022.06.30] JAXA's Sustainable Space Principles were launched.

[2022.04.13] [UN GA 1st Comm.] A series of Open-ended WG on Reducing Space Threats were held.


[2024.02.21] The 15th Space Law Symosium is to be held at Keio Univ.

Peace Palace Libraty in Hague Academy provides specific sources on space law by topics.


APSPL's Database is launched.
Pages of "Space Law" are updated.
The website's design was renewed.
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